Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service

for Los Angeles County


Services we provide

What we do

Christian Science nurses make visits to the homes of individual clients in order to bless, bringing comfort and encouragement to those in need. Each home visit lasts no longer than 2 hours. The Christian Science nurse always maintains a spiritual altitude of thought, accepting each case with the expectance of complete and immediate healing. Care-giving is always consistent with the theology and ethics of Christian Science. Specific services provided by the nurse include:
- Reading with or to an individual from the Bible; Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy; and other publications from The Christian Science Publishing Society
- Communicating with the patient’s Christian Science practitioner and family to keep them informed of progress in a timely manner
- Encouraging and supporting normal daily activities
- Dressing and bandaging of wounds
- Assisting with mobility needs
- Bathing, shampooing, nail/oral care
- Preparing food, assisting with eating, giving appropriate encouragement for eating
- Caring for newborns and infants
- Instructing family or friends in how to assist

Our Christian Science nurses

We are grateful to have two full-time Christian Science nurses, plus the services of several who are part-time. All of our Christian Science nurses have completed training at a Christian Science nursing facility, and they are listed in the Christian Science Nurses Directory of The Christian Science Journal and in the on-line directory found on the web site

What we don't do

Here are some services we are NOT able to provide:
- We do not provide transportation to appointments, to the market, or to a Christian Science nursing facility; that is, we cannot provide a taxi service.
- We do not give advice regarding medical care.
- We do not look after pets.
- We cannot be a substitute for a live-in care-giver.